High Priestess Circle

An intimate 11 month mastermind for
soul-driven women who are here to live & lead

awakened, inspired & aligned.

For the past few years I have been supporting women leaders who can
feel that our old paradigms for living and working are dying.

Soul-driven women who are no longer satisfied with creating more “followers”
empty “fame” and disembodied, ego-driven income goals.

Passionate women who are tired of fitting their lives and their work into a pre-formatted
blueprint and are instead committed to accessing the blueprint that lies in their souls.

Successful women who know there is even more within them that is aching to be
shared with the world and are done holding back soulful pieces of themselves.

Authentic women who know they have big, soulful work to do in the world, who are ready
to build the internal support system & the sisterhood they need to manifest
the next level of their life & work in the world.

Creative women who are done letting their ego fears hold them back, who are done
believing that they are broken and can’t trust their instincts and are ready to connect
deeply with and be guided by the divine wisdom that lies in their Soul.

This is the time to finally let your Soul lead and to no longer let your ego be the
sole master of your destiny. This is a time to learn how to integrate both ego and Soul so that your
ego can support, instead of sabotage, or subtly hold back your soul’s calling.

The world needs you, Sister.
The world needs the divine wisdom that lies only in your soul.
The world needs you in your full power and your most authentic expression.
The world needs soul-driven leaders that leave a legacy of love and connection in the world.

The world needs for you to rise as the sovereign,
powerful Priestess that you came here to be.

We have been activated in the past few years through loss and upheaval in order to step
into alignment because the world needs more soul-driven leaders to usher us into the
new paradigm of love and wholeness.

And you’re ready to see what’s really possible, when you step into full alignment with your soul.
You’re ready to see the level of impact you can really make in your life, your relationships and in the world, when
you’re no longer hiding any part of you and fully owning all of the things that make you powerfully you.

You’re ready to lead with confidence, creativity, passion,
clarity of vision, depth and Soul.

What is a


A priestess is a woman who walks in this world fully aligned with her Soul.

She is deeply connected to divine wisdom and channels that wisdom
into the world through her Soul to serve others with her unique gifts.

She knows the unique purpose and blueprint in her soul and allows her
intuition to guide her and drive her goals forward in every area of her life.

She has integrated masculine and feminine within her to create greater ease & flow in her life.

She is the empowered and confident creator of her world.

She is held in a powerful soul-tribe of other priestesses who support her,
lift her up and have her back so she can expand her leadership in the world.

A priestess has done the powerful, internal work to clear out all that is
not true to her essence and because she’s done this internal soul work, she’s
able to be of service to her community at a game-changing level of impact.

The Shadow

In the traditional archetypes, the shadow of the High Priestess is that while she is able
to download divine inspiration, she then hides it or doesn’t fully express it in the world.

The shadow work of the High Priestess is to clear all the stories, paradigms and masks that hold her back
from stepping fully into her soul’s work in the world and being the lighthouse goddess she was called to be.

That is the journey of the High Priestess Circle.



Sovereignty is the ability to be self-governed. When you are truly sovereign you are governed by your core, authentic Self. Sovereignty is one of the most important qualities a new-paradigm leader can possess as sovereignty allows you to make decisions for your life, work and relationships from a place of true alignment. When we make decisions out of alignment, those decisions become a powerful vibrational match for what we want to attract. Sovereignty allows us to have healthy boundaries and create what we actually want. In a state of true sovereignty we understand that we are the creators of our reality and we are no longer ruled by or making misaligned decisions that come from our triggers, fears or the opinions of other people. Instead we are deeply rooted in what we know is aligned with our soul and what is best for us and we act and create our lives from that place.


Our world’s most powerful spiritual leaders display equanimity, which is the ability to stay calm, centered and connected to divine wisdom and your soul’s path, no matter what is going on around you. Too often we get distracted or pulled away from our mission by the comings and goings of our daily lives or events in our outside world. A powerful leader is able to maintain a state of equanimity without getting caught up in what they are seeing in the world around them. As a result, they can empty out and serve more powerfully as a vessel for divine inspiration, which will serve everyone around them for the highest good.

Soul Alignment

We are all born with a blueprint for our purpose in our soul. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a purpose. When we do the work of aligning with our soul, we begin to clear out all the indoctrinations the world taught us, all the voices in our mind that aren’t actually are, the old beliefs that hold us back…and we begin to tap into what is actually true for us. In the process of soul alignment we learn to finally begin to hear the voice of our Soul and allow it to guide us. We begin to differentiate clearly what is soul and what is ego and we build courage to follow what the wisdom of the soul asks of us, even when the ego is in fear. When we align with our soul, we turn the ego from sabotager of our soul and instead turn it into its greatest supporter so that you can manifest your soul’s blueprint in every area of your life and work.

Unique Soul Gift

Every soul-driven leader has a Unique Soul Gift that distinguishes her from other leaders. It could be sound, sacred geometry, clairvoyance, connecting others, vision, tarot, writing or a whole array of others. Your Unique Soul Gift is your unique genius, your secret superpower. When you tap into your Unique Soul Gift you build your life and your work in a way that fuels and showcases that gift. Our Unique Soul Gift is the tool we have been given as priestesses to make the greatest impact in the world. Learning what this gift is and using it effectively in your life and work allows you to serve more powerfully and attract the things that are in alignment
with your soul, into your life.


Human beings have nervous systems that are wired for pleasure. And as a woman, your nervous system and your entire body is especially built for pleasure. Pleasure is the portal to accessing divine wisdom and inspired creativity. Yet, in the old paradigm we are taught to vilify pleasure and shut it off. We are taught to overwork and not leave time for pleasure, passion and creativity. We are taught that pleasure is wasted time and secondary to linear accomplishments. As we learn to make pleasure as important to our lives as water, deep creativity is unleashed and you will find that your intuition is magnified. Your pleasure center is literally located at the center of creation in your body. If you want to become a powerful manifester and create your life & work as art, releasing shame and deepening your relationship with pleasure is essential.

Masculine-Feminine Integration

If we are too far in our masculine energy we are all action, all logic and all work and we lack creativity, passion and our ability to trust and surrender to the Universe’s greater plan for us. When we are too far over in our feminine, we are all ideas and are not taking enough action. We can feel lost, confused and like we aren’t able to corral our passions into something that can serve the tribes we serve. The new paradigm of soul-driven leadership is all about balancing and integrating both masculine and feminine energies within us so that we can take inspired, passionate and aligned action and fuel that passion into something that makes true impact in the world.


Our world’s greatest leaders have one thing in common: they had a powerful group of advisors and inner circle members that supported them, guided them and reminded them of their power when they were in fear or doubt. No world-impacting leader has been able to succeed without tribe. Soul-Tribe is an essential aspect of the priestess path as it is deeply important to staying on the path. It builds intimacy and a support that few of us get to experience in this lifetime. Women who have done masterminds with me in the past still are in touch with the women they met as part of the mastermind every day, four years after their mastermind program ended. On our priestess leadership journey we need sisters who will brainstorm with us, support us and help us stay on the path, even when we are afraid.


Trust is the hardest tool for the soul-driven priestess to master and it is the most powerful one. The tool of trust allows us to be held by the unconditional love of the Universe. It creates an energy of expansiveness in the body that allows for more abundance to come into our lives. Trust reminds us that when we are in alignment with our soul, the Universe is always supporting us. Without trust, the journey of living a soul-driven life and leading as priestess in the world is not possible. Trust allows us to have deep faith in our own soul’s original guidance even when our ego is freaking out and telling us to go back to old patterns that aren’t serving us. Trust allows us to know it will all turn out okay, even when it doesn’t seem that way. Trust assists us to face obstacles and see them as opportunities instead. Trust allows your guides in the unseen realms to support you and invites in higher levels of wisdom and inspiration into your life that are not accessible through the ego. Trust allows us to surrender into the path that we were called here to walk, without letting the ego derail us.


This intimate, 11 month mastermind journey contains: 3 in-person retreats in powerful locations designed to open you up to your Soul, 1 virtual day-long retreat, private coaching, group coaching, powerful guest mentors, a soulful and loving tribe of women, a private online forum and gifts to help you step onto your priestess journey.

This is the incubator for soul-driven leaders who want to walk as sovereign priestesses in their life and work by using their unique gifts & in doing so make game-changing impact in the world.

Virtual 1 Day Retreat, January 28

In this virtual retreat, we will come together via video conference to meet, get to know each other and create the vision for our soul’s deepest desires in 2017. Bring a cozy blanket, your favorite beverage and let’s make magic together with your newfound soul sisters.

Retreat 2

Santa Barbara, California | March 9-12

*Meals and accommodations included

Retreat 3

Glacier National Park, Montana | July 27-30

Retreat 4

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina | October 26-29

*Meals and accommodations included


1:1 Coaching with Lisa

We will meet for a private, one hour session once a month for 11 months for coaching on
anything you need support with as the journey unfolds.

Group Coaching

Twice a month, we will have group calls where we all come together for group masterminding and
extra coaching with me. One of these calls will usually feature a world class guest mentor.

Your own personal Priestess Circle

I will hand pick a smaller group of 3-4 sisters that are perfect for you for extra accountability
and support throughout the program. You can choose how often you want to meet and how you
want to structure your own little mastermind group.

Private Forum (Facebook)

You’ll have your own private Facebook forum to share with your new soul sisters in between calls,
get feedback or just get support for anything that might come up in between calls.

Free Access To My Digital Programs in 2017

As a High Priestess in our circle, you will receive free access to any digital programs I release in 2017,
including resources to grow a soul aligned business and my powerful program, The 7 Soul Gates.

$500 off a Soul Adventure Retreat (Greece or France)

Every year I take a small group of women to sacred locations and powerful vortexes around the earth. In 2017 I will
be taking women to the temple of Athena and the Santorini Islands in Greece and I will also lead a journey into the
heart of the divine feminine in Southern France as we make our way to the cave where Mary Magdalene lived the
last 30 years of her life. As a High Priestess Circle member, you get to take an extra $500 off of your journey.

Surprise gifts and more...

You’ll receive gifts like astrology readings with my favorite astrologer, a Gene Keys reading and a handmade
goodies (handmade by me) package with tools to assist you on your journey.

Katherine Bird,

Shaman, Creator of Transformance
Shamanism & The Healer’s Process

Marybeth Bonfiglio,

Tarot Priestess & Writer
The Living Tarot

Elizabeth Purvis,

Business Goddess & Magic Expert
The Art of Making Magic

Sylvia Brinton Perera,

Author & Jungian Scholar
Descent To The Goddess: A Way of Initiation For Women

Dyana Valentine,

Creator of SuperConditions & Oracle
The Modern Oracle

Athena Perrakis,

Founder SageGoddess.com
Priestess Tools & Rituals

Julie Parker,

Founder Inspired Coach Magazine
Being Priestess In Work & Business

Emily Rosen,

COO Institute for Psychology of Eating
Speaking the Truth of the Body

Ros Place,

Clairvoyant Angel Communicator
Connecting & Communicating with Your Personal Angel Guide

Selena Soo,

Founder selenasoo.com
Impacting Millions

With supplementary materials by:

Sylvia Brinton Perera,

Author & Jungian Scholar
Descent To The Goddess: A Way of Initiation For Women

Clarisa Pinkola Estes,

Women Who Run With The Wolves

You’re one of us if:
  • You’ve already been on a personal development journey and are looking for that next level on your spiritual journey.
  • You are craving a community of powerful women to take you to the next level of your leadership.
  • You’ve created success in a past or current career/personal business and are now looking to deepen into the soul work aspect of your leadership.
  • You’re a driven, soul-centered changemaker that is motivated and open to transformation. You love trying new things and are open to new experiences.
  • You are looking for a powerful mentor that can help you connect more deeply with the answers in your soul and build a soul driven life and/or business.
  • You’re here to contribute to shift the consciousness of the planet with your unique gifts, talents and purpose.
  • You want to feel confident, internally peaceful and empowered in your life & work, doing what you love and living your truth.
  • You’re ready to uplevel your whole life: Your physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, relationship and business health.
  • You want to learn the art of magic and trust for manifesting what you want.
This is not for you if:
  • You are dogmatic or closed-minded about different spiritual traditions or beliefs.
  • Are still in the phase of a business or career where you’re struggling financially.
  • You don’t believe in sisterhood and don’t want to be part of a soul tribe.
  • You are not coachable and unable to surrender and trust in the guidance of a mentor.

One thing is clear, Sister—this program is not for everyone.
This is for the woman who is ready to live life from the guidance of her soul.
This is for the woman who is ready to make her Soul master and
stop allowing her ego to sabotage her.
This is for the woman who is ready to do the deep internal work so that she can rise as a
lighthouse for others to step into their own wholeness.

This is for the woman who is here to usher in
the new paradigm of love and change the world.

If your soul is ready for this journey and you’re willing to say YES to your soul,
then apply now at the button below.

Up to 17 women will be accepted.

The High Priestess Circle is currently sold out and applications are closed. If you want to get on the Wait List to be the first to be notified when applications open again in October, click the button below and you'll be added to our Wait List.