Next-level trailblazers, radical paradigm-shifters,
extraordinary, soul-driven entrepreneurs
and badass world-changers…

This is your call.

I see you.

You have never aspired to average or “just good enough”.
You are and always have been extraordinary.
You’ve achieved milestones in your business and your life that most
would never dream of… And you’ve done it your way.
You’ve had great success but you never started this just for the money --
that’s not what drives you.
You don’t just talk about changing the world around you,
you’re committed to being the kind of leader that will actually do it.

And you can feel it, can't you?


As much as you’ve already achieved, influenced,
and created as legacy in the world around you,
you know that you’re just getting started.

You still have so many more paradigms to break,
so much more to create,
and even more soul-level greatness
to unleash upon the world.

You’re on the cusp of the next level of your big, great work.
And you’re ready to seize it.


But here’s the problem...

You already know that what got you to this level is not what is going to get you to where your soul is calling you to go next.

And the even bigger problem is that when you get to a certain level in your success, it gets harder to find solutions to your kinds of problems.

It gets harder to find colleagues, coaches, & containers you can really trust
who can hold space for your level of badassery
and who are playing at your level or above.

In addition, the internal and external challenges that come up at this level of success are different than the challenges people face at the beginning of their journey.

With every new success, you find yourself feeling
like there are less people that can guide & hold you.
And few people who truly have the mastery
to show you to the next level of your work.

This isn’t about you anymore.
You know this is bigger than you.
You were put here to create empires of change.
You were put here to leave a legacy that shifts the world.

When you look out there, you see a lot of leaders who are super successful.
BUT they are still stuck in the mainstream cookie-cutter trends, blueprints, and the templates…

Trends that you’ve surpassed and left behind, long ago.

The higher your rise, you see less leaders at your level
doing truly unique, innovative & soulful, world-changing
work that actually makes a truly positive impact.

You’ve looked for and possibly participated in masterminds with other leaders like you.
You may have created your own or considered starting one of your own.
But you haven’t been able to find one that’s committed to the values that are important to you
And you haven’t quite found a mastermind where you get to keep growing, learning, and kicking ass in your life & business with a group of peers that inspire you.

That’s exactly why I created…

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You are being called.
To show up as a different kind of leader.
To be a true pioneer.

You are here to rise above the BS, the egos, and the gurus, and to be a
wayshower of integrity, alignment, and soul-driven leadership.

And this is the invitation for you to show up at
your next highest level and do work that rocks
the world to its core.

You don’t need to learn more blueprints, templates, or marketing tactics.
You already know every tactic there is to know.

You don’t need someone to walk you through and show you the “tech stuff” or the basics.

You don’t need to learn basic spiritual techniques or do more “mindset work”.

That’s not what you’re looking for in a mastermind anymore.

And that’s good, because that’s not what you need, either.

That next level you’re called to step into now?
The one very few people reach?

It’s all about going within to do the deep soul work.

I’m not talking about people getting together, only crying and talking about their feelings all day in a room, and going to bed with a headache.

Instead, here is what’s going to happen:

  • you’re going to go into a mastermind to be surrounded by high flyers, to have the winds of high-level support behind your back and to be receiving the energetic  imprint of your next level
  • you’ll have an experience that allows you to embody the vibration of the ultra-high-level leadership you have always known you were here to embody.
  • you’ll get more deeply connected to your inner guidance on a whole other stratosphere so that the decisions you make are more aligned, can be made faster and get you to your next level quicker.

And in order to do the above, you’ve got to do the soul work. Period.

There are different decisions and things to consider when you step into these upper levels of leadership that very few reach. For that you need a next-level connection with your soul voice -- the voice within you.

And for that you need a different kind of mastermind.

This next level is about embodying the
archetype of the Priestess.

What is a priestess?

Imagine being able to tap into the deepest wells of your power. And no, I don’t mean power over others, but rather, your true power.

The kind of power that radiates off of you, and makes people stand up and pay attention when you speak what you believe in, and use your gifts to influence good in the world.

Imagine having the ability to hold your power in a loving, compassionate, & fierce way through any storms that come, any pushback you experience, as you go bigger and become more visible in the world.

Imagine holding true to your inner calm, even when you feel the fears of your clients, peers, and the world swirling around you… even when you feel the projections & triggers of the millions of eyes on you as you lead.

Imagine staying deeply grounded in yourself, your power and your truth, even as the bigger and bigger opportunities come.

Imagine being in a space where your most wild, big idea is seen as absolutely possible, and has the right environment to grow and be successful.

That is what it means to walk this world as a Priestess.

Imagine what you might inspire in & transform for others if you can hold your power through all of that & still shine forth your true essence, no matter what.

Imagine what you can create by holding to your deep well of power, even as the media swirls around you, more people demand your time…

Even as your light grows brighter & your leadership triggers important conversations in the ecosystems around you…

Imagine doing all of that and going big, without burning out, shrinking, or holding back as new fears show up to be worked through at your highest levels of leadership.

Imagine achieving the next level of your income, elevating your prices, hand-picking the right clients to work with you, a team of A-players behind you that allow you to truly stay in your zone of genius at all times.

Imagine deeply trusting your instincts so that you can make faster, more powerful decisions that get you to your goals faster.

All because you are connected to your Soul at a level of depth that only the world’s biggest impactors and influencers understand.

That’s what the High Priestess Circle is all about.

There are little-known tools that the true agents of change, extraordinary entrepreneurs & visionary pioneers know are the secret to their level of impact & success.

You’re ready to learn those tools in a collective of amazing, kickass world-changers who are going to be your friends and grow with you for life.

You want:

  • A container and coach that can actually hold the force that you are and knows how to guide you to your most powerful insights.
  • To be surrounded by people who embody the vibration you want to embody as a leader.
  • To receive transmissions, downloads, and innovations that can only come through by being in a container of true innovators and changemakers.
  • To do the soul work that will eradicate any remaining blockages coming up at this level of success and that can slow you down or secretly hold you back from that next level.


Co-Creating In This Mastermind:


The Leadership You’re Seeing vs.
The Leadership We Are Being Asked To Embody

You know the “guru way” is not actually helping anyone. You know that great leaders create more great leaders. And yet the old outdated way of leading as a “guru” is not creating more leaders. It’s creating people who continue to believe in the lie of their brokenness and continue to believe that the answers live outside of them.

You know that leading in a way in which you are always the fulcrum of everything in your business is a recipe to more burnout. You want to spend more time with your family & doing more of what you love without sacrificing your great mission. You want to learn how to lead in a way where your energy literally self-generates, over and over again.

You’re not here to lead in the old paradigm, guru-way. You’re here to point people back to the power within and to be a model for good boundaries, embracing your inner power, and not just talking about impact, but actually creating real impact in the world. Not just regurgitating the same thing that’s been done since the beginning of time, which no longer works.


What are your unique soul gifts?

Most women I work with have achieved incredible levels of success, won coveted awards and built empires, yet they feel unfulfilled and at times, trapped in what they created because the work they are doing is not truly bringing in their unique soul gifts.

Your unique soul gift is your unique genius, that no one else can replicate. It is THE thing that is going to stand you out and get you noticed by the people who are going to drive you to the next level of your visibility and impact.

For those of us who are accomplished badasses, this can be even harder for us to see. Most women I work with feel “ungrateful” to have achieved this level of success, but still feel like they want “more”.

They know there is another level of happiness, fulfillment, and impact to be made, but they feel it’s asking “too much” to want more.

There is a whole other side to your work that you are not currently bringing out.
The shadow of the Priestess is that she can hide her greatest gifts from the world, for fear of being judged or misunderstood.

But if you want to make a quantum leap in your business and life, you’ve got to bring that unique soul gift to the forefront -- because you provide the most value to your clients when you lead with that gift.

And you know by now that success is created by providing the highest level of value you can provide. That kind of value only comes from stepping into and fully owning the magic of your unique soul gift.


Throwing out the Formulas and Creating The New Standards

The secret you already know, now that you’ve gotten to this level, is that the formulas really only take you so far.

What the collective is actually needing, which you already know, is new standards. And you, as a true change-maker and visionary, are here to create the new standards.

Maybe you haven’t thought about that as a possibility for yourself.
Maybe that hasn’t seemed like part of the deal you’re signing up for,
But that’s what you’re up to, whether you know it or not.


Personal Mastery & Soul-Level Alignment

You know the phrase “new level, new devil”?

Because so few people get to this level of success and go beyond that, no one really tells you that as you rise higher, new inner challenges rise up. Old fears that subtly hold your power back come to the surface to be cleared.
New boundaries need to be set. Old ways of working go from energizing you to draining you.

Most uber-successful and powerful women come to work with me because they have not been able to find other leaders to work with them at this level, or that understand the kinds of internal, soul-level challenges that come up at this point in their leadership.

Yet learning how to master these challenges is crucial for stepping into your next level and not completely burning out and breaking down.

This is not more “mindset work”. You’re beyond that.

This is subtle, nuanced, soul-level work that will create big shifts in your vibration as a leader. Because your vibration is what attracts everything you want to you as you step into this next level of success and impact.


How are you holding steady while everyone and
everything else around you is blowing up?

Leaders that truly change the world know that the way they show up and model their leadership is crucial.

  • How do you react and show up when the whole world seems to be falling apart around you and going into a panic?
  • How are you showing up as a model and agent of true change in the world?
  • Does your business unconsciously feed into collective fears and outdated beliefs of brokenness and co-dependency? Does this end up making you feel trapped in your own business?
  • Do you struggle with setting the new levels of stronger boundaries that all leaders at the next level need to be setting in order to serve more people?

Resourcing yourself at these upper levels of leadership requires a whole new level of equanimity. Equanimity is the ability to be the eye of the storm when everything around you is going crazy. You’re going to want to be connected to that equanimity in you on an even deeper level, as you rise even higher.

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Here’s how all of the above shows up

as tangible results in your life & business

  • Having an amazing collective of badass, trailblazing women like you as your new best friends, to strategize, solution, and dream big with. Women who really get you and can actually understand the place you’re in right now in life and work.
  • Having a connection with your own internal knowing that is deeper than ever. Being able to make quicker, more aligned decisions because your soul is speaking to you clearly, without hesitations. Being “out and proud” with these spiritual gifts of yours as they add more authority to your work.
  • Raising prices to levels beyond what you’ve pictured until now, and feeling good about it, because you understand on a deeper level than ever HOW effing amazing you & your work are. Watching your income increase with much less effort.
  • Pinching yourself because you’re attracting the best clients you’ve ever worked with. As a result, doing some of your most transcendent work. Imagine feeling yourself growing through the new levels of amazingness you’re reaching in your work with clients.
  • Being so tapped into your unique energetic blueprint, that your vibration is a bright as a lighthouse and attracts the perfect, next-level opportunities as if by magic. Welcome to being a magician, sister.
  • Feeling truly supported by the people in your life & business because you’ve cleared out beliefs around “not deserving” that level of support.
  • Strong, clear and aligned boundaries that protect your energy, time, and joy as you step into these new echelons of expansion.
  • More time to dedicate to passion projects & new iterations of your work. It’s time to get your creative mojo back.
  • Showing up in all of your relationships as a more grounded, compassionate, and powerful leader, so that issues in your personal relationships no longer subconsciously block you from growing bigger.

Here’s how we’re going to

Roll as a Collective:

• Two 60 minute calls a month

Led by me, we’ll come together for deeper community connection, collective brainstorming, mini-hot seats to get feedback from your peers & high level soul. This is an excellent way to source the collective brilliance in the group and help you overcome these higher level obstacles and walk away with a deeper connection to your soul, and the kinds of solutions that only come from collective soul work.

• Two virtual 3-hour deep dives (January & July)

Think of these as virtual mini-retreats. Because we’re all super busy and want to be able to connect in between hanging out in person without having to travel four times a year.

• Two in-person retreats


Fact is, this group of women is going to be filled with brilliance and depth -- they will become your next-level besties that get you and nourish you deeply. So, you’re going to want to be with them in person.

After working with high level women like you for the past 8 years, the most powerful way to connect & do this level of soul work is LIVE.

During these powerful in-person retreats we’ll do the deep work as a collective that can only be done in person. We’ll also go away together to hand-picked, energetically powerful locations. These locations hold very specific energetic transmissions that will re-energize us & transmit the energetic frequency we need to step it up big.

We’ll get away from the daily stresses & distractions of success.
Within the group, you’ll connect powerfully with your creative brilliance so you can tap into the next level of your mission.

In addition to achieving new levels of personal internal mastery through the deep work at these retreats, you’ll get a chance to showcase your brilliance to the collective with short presentations of your work to the group.

You’ll walk away with new strategies, solutions. and ideas on what’s working and what isn’t, all shared by the brilliant minds in this collective.

• A Facebook forum

To brainstorm with your new biz & life besties in between calls.

• Free access to my 7 Soul Gates program

As we wait for the mastermind to begin, we’ll go through the program that leaders call “life-changing” as a great foundation for the beginning of our work.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a brilliant, soul-driven, woman thought-leader, and/or entrepreneur who is already at the multiple six figure (and above) level in your business, and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
  • You’re intuitive, spiritually inclined, and want to do next level soul work that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • You’re ready to be in a group of your true peers, who will challenge you and hold a vision for you that is even greater than the one you could have imagined for yourself.
  • You want a truly different and unique experience that gets you in touch with your power as a leader, in a way you’ve never experienced before.
  • You’re busy but getting burned out, and are ready to find a better way. You know that there is no way you can get to the next level of your success if you have to triple the hours you’re already working.
  • You’re ready to have one of the most soul-expanding, joyful, and liberating years of your life, and are excited to see that create more impact in your life’s work.
  • You want to walk away with peer connections and soul-friends for life.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re at the beginning of your business journey or spiritual journey.
  • You’re looking for nuts and bolts or how-to’s.
  • You are triggered by a coach with healthy boundaries.
  • You will need extensive amounts of coaching from your peers without giving the same level of support in return.
  • You are unable to surrender to and trust in the guidance of a master level coach.
  • You have trouble receiving guidance and feedback from colleagues & coaches.
  • You don’t like to step outside of your comfort zone or try new things.
  • You tend to blame others for your problems instead of taking responsibility for creating what you want.

I work with high performing, high profile, women leaders

who have businesses and careers at multiple six figures and beyond.
For 8 years, I have helped these women ascend to more success, visibility, leadership, joy, and impact by showing them how to lead with
Soul as their primary guide.


Lisa has an uncanny talent at getting to the root of what’s keeping you from your greatest desires and goals and shifting it into mega possibility and reality. She is one of the most gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with.

Jennifer Kem, Creator of Master Brand, CEO & Founder of KemComm Media Group,

Lisa has some kind of ‘magic’. Beyond what you have known before. That word is bandied about a lot. This is real magic. After just one call with Lisa I realized her powers snuck through the lines—and entered my deepest regions where I ever hid my shadows from myself. It was then we identified a culprit who was operating beyond my awareness and limiting my next level of leadership in an already very successful business. We named it, and suddenly I was freed of its ways. It instantly shifted a part me that I had struggled with for years and it has been different ever since. I am shy of the woo-woo people, too many out there. Lisa is not one of those; she is gifted, a priestess and inspired by the highest. Take a risk and be prepared for entering true change. Life changer. Game changer—is Lisa’s gift.

Debra Silverman, M.A. Astrology & Psychotherapist,

Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for change makers and leaders. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.

Amrita Khalsa, CEO of Amrita Khalsa Consulting,

Before working with Lisa, I was feeling out of alignment. Even though I'd been running my own successful business for over a decade, the systems and cookie-cutter plans weren't working anymore. My growth had stagnated, and I just couldn't bring myself to try another "scale and get rich" program.

I'd been reading Lisa's writing for a while and felt pulled to reach out. I instantly knew this was a very different way to "work on my business" that would feel authentic to my soul.

There is a deep well of energy and self-satisfaction in our work together. A reconnection to my true voice. My own writing has become so much more powerful and raw. My community is responding big time. I've doubled my coaching rates and feel so much more ease in signing up new clients.

The most delightful surprise is that it's feeling easier and easier to do the work I want to do. All the while, my business growth is on track to double in the next year, without thinking about "systems" or "scaling" or "check lists" that were destroying my joy.

Alexandra Jamieson, Body-Power Coach, co-producer of Super Size Me

Everyone has natural superpowers, and Lisa’s is holding space for your true and deep sense of knowing to emerge. With her tender support, I’ve gotten in touch with achingly-elusive truths and found much-craved clarity around important decisions. Everything you need to know is already within you, and Lisa is here to help you find your answers.

Nisha Moodley, CEO of Nisha Moodley International, Creator of International Sisterhood Day™,

I’ve decided to join the mastermind last minute. I hadn’t worked with Lisa before, but all her posts spoke to me. I decided to jump in because I was feeling called to make the scariest transition of my life -- leaving my very high powered, successful, corporate job, after almost 20 years of a high paced, highly rewarding and demanding life. Going in, I was very clear on 3 strong objectives: Leaving corporate with ease and grace, having a very clear path of replacing my high 6 figure corporate income by re-dedicating my energy to my coaching business, which had been in place for several years and was doing well as a side-gig. As a personal goal, I set the goal of making peace with my body and food issues.

I’ve achieved all three. And beyond. In the last month, I’ve cried tears of joy, because in the last 4 weeks in my coaching practice I made 40% more revenue compared to a regular month in corporate. All while taking 2 weeks off and working 4-6 hours per day. I’ve become a magnet of media opportunities including TV appearances, which I am now able to take full advantage because I no longer have visibility or body issues.

Most important, that feeling of PRIDE about the life I was able to co-create is impressive.

Jessica Vazquez, CEO, Creator of “Divino Dinero”, Award-Winning Coach

The High Priestess Mastermind has given me exactly what I needed to take myself seriously, own my gifts and talents & take centre stage in my own life. This means that I have more of a personal life than I ever have done before, all whilst my business, income, team, and clients have grown to rise and match the woman that I am becoming.

Ebonie Allard, Master Coach, CEO & Creator of Misfit To Maven

Through the High Priestess Circle I have been able to easily attract ideal clients, navigate a business transition with confidence and ease and expand my work to align with my soul’s calling and gifts. The tools Lisa has taught us have allowed me to deepen into and trust my intuition like never before, remain calm and centered in the face of some of life’s greatest challenges and release the fears and blocks in order to rediscover and embody my natural sovereignty in all areas of my life. The sisterhood I have received from this program is one of the greatest benefits of all. I am forever grateful for the sacred support that is available to me at all times in this program (and beyond). Thank you!

Gretchen Kehan

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This is about joining THE new collective of next-level leaders
that are going to set the new standards and change the world.

This is about tapping into your brilliance and the true force of your
unique power, and emerging as a force for good to be reckoned with.

This is about unleashing ALL of your gifts into the world
by stepping into the next level of your true soul work…

And becoming the kind of leader you always dreamed about,
while surrounded with a tribe of Amazon-wonder-women just
like you.

This is about unleashing hurricanes of love in the world
around you, through the power of your unique soul-gifts
expressed in your leadership.

Are you ready?

This is an intimate experience, therefore only 10 women can be accepted.